11 Things You Don’t Know about Bathtub Refinishing Miami

    Bathtub Refinishing Miami: Why you need to refinish your tub

    Bathtub refinishing Miami, will freshen up the look of a tired worn bath area and make it look new again. There are many reasons a home owner or landlord may want to cut the cost of remodeling a bathtub or the bathroom. 

    1. The tub has become stained and beyond cleaning
    2. The tubs finish has become chipped or even cracked
    3. The cost of replacing the tub is out of reach today. 
    4. You may have a mid century bath area with a claw foot cast iron tub that is dingy and makes your room look dirty. 

       Whatever you’re reasoning a bathtub refinishing may be what you are looking for and it is a service our professional team of bathtub refinishers provide on time, every time. 


    What is bathtub refinishing?

        It is a process; I have heard it said that it is like stripping furniture down to its natural wood. The process is more likened to auto body repair. The auto body technician prepares the cars body by repairing and pulling any dents out of the body and smoothing the surface with filler. 

        The same as our technicians do with your tub; repairing any chips cracks, or any other surface damage. All calking is removed and surfaces are protected that may come in contact with chemicals we use to clean and etch the surface before the final factory finish is applied. 

        Five Stages of Bathtub Refinishing

       How to do bathtub refinishing, as I mentioned tub refinishing is a process much like an auto body shop would do to fix the body of your car. Here are the five stages of bathtub refinishing Miami. 

    1. The first stage, the bathtub refinishing technician will prepare and ventilate the bathroom. 
    2. Next the technician will chemically treat the bathtub which strips the factory coating from your tub.  
    3. After rinsing all chemicals, sanding is performed until the surface is smoothed and etched. 
    4. At this stage any chips cracks, holes and other damage is repaired. More sanding may be necessary. 
    5. Finally, the technician will prime the tub and apply multiple layers of top coats. After this is sprayed and dried, then sealant is sprayed on for a factory finish that will last for years.

           Many ask us about bathtub refinishing how long to dry? The whole process from start to finish takes between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the humidity in the home. The industrial primers and top coats take no more than two hours to dry in ideal conditions. We recommend waiting at least twenty four hours (24hrs.) before using your bathtub after the refinishing has been completed. This not only allows the finish to set, but the odor to diminish.


    Bathtub Refinishing Cost

        Another question we get asked more times than I can count is “what is the cost to refinish a bathtub?” As material and delivery prices go up so does the labor and material. This is basic economics. We don’t like it as much as anyone else. 

       Let’s compare the price of refinishing or replacing your bathtub:

    1. Bathtub replacing: 

    A: New basic 5’ fiberglass tub $199.00 to $1000.00

    B. Labor cost $800.00 to $2000.00 This figure is just cutting the tub out and replacing. It does not include concrete board, dry wall, or tub surround. 

    Bathtub refinishing:

    1. $450 to $675. But the prices could change depending on the economy. 

    A: There is no extra cost of replacing your walls, tile or tub fixtures. As you can see, it is cheaper to refinish than to replace your bathtub. Not only that the finish will last for years and we give a five year guarantee.  

    Let’s compare custom bathtub liner compared with bathtub refinishing:

    There are several companies that manufacture custom bathtub liners. You may have seen some of their advertisements. There are 3 flaws we have found with having a liner installed over your bathtub:

    1. They only last between 3 to 5 years.
    2. There is a long waiting period for manufacturing depending on the company that is making it backlog. 
    3. They pose a health risk to the homeowner or renter. The reason is mold growth. If the liner isn’t installed properly or if the glue gives up a little near the drain, water can get between the liner and the original tub, causing mold and mildew. 

    A bathtub liner will cost between $1,600 and $3,200 with the average cost of $2,000.  

    Compare those prices with having a bathtub refinished right with no problems that can creep up on you or your health. There is really no comparison. 


    You have learned 

    • 4 reasons why you may need a tub refinished.
    • You learned what bathtub refinishing is.
    • We explained the 5 stages of refinishing your tub
    • And the cost associated with bathtub refinishing, compared to remodeling the bathtub and custom bathtub liners/ 

     Now you know more, than most people you know about bathtub refinishing Miami.