Changing Bathtub to Jacuzzi

    A jacuzzi is somewhat a luxury that many homes struggle to acquire. Nonetheless, you can have one in your house without spending much. The way to do so is to simply change your bathtub to a jacuzzi. With a few tools, you can quickly have a bubbly and well-lit bathroom that you have always desired.

    A bathtub and a jacuzzi are more or less the same. In both cases, you get to sit in a tub. But a bathtub contains lesser water and cools down as you sit in it for prolonged periods. It also lacks bubbles, jets, heat, and light.

    On the other hand, a jacuzzi features a hot tub with jet sprayers, bubble-producing nozzles, and thermal panels. It may also include lighting to add to the pleasure and relaxation of your water adventure. The good news is that you can make a jacuzzi out of a standard bathtub by adding those features for a fraction of the price.

    Benefits of Converting a Bathtub to a Jacuzzi

    After a long stressful day, a jacuzzi might be just what you need to relax. In addition to helping you relax, it turns out that using a hot tub has other advantages.

    1. Relieving stress

    The most apparent advantage of a jacuzzi is its ability to help relieve stress. Warm water’s calming impact and massaging effect may aid to ease physical, emotional, and mental stress. You may also enhance this stress-relieving impact with gentle music, dim lighting, or aromatherapy if desired.

    2. Relaxing the muscles

    The hot water and massaging activity of the hot tub jets relax and relieve tense muscles. This can aid in the relief of aches and pains. Before exercising, you can sit in a jacuzzi to lessen the chance of injury.

    3. Better sleep

    According to research, the sheer relaxation provided by a jacuzzi dip may be enough to enable you to sleep well.

    Passive body heating was tested as a therapy for insomnia in older persons in a previous study. Although the study was limited and biased, it revealed that taking a hot bath helped people sleep deeper and more restfully.

    4. Relieving Pain

    By soothing stiff muscles, joints, and ligaments, sitting in a jacuzzi can help ease some types of pain. The heat and massage effect may help relieve pain caused by stiffness and inflammation in persons with arthritis.

    5. Improved cardiovascular health

    Hot water soaking, according to a 2016 study, produces robust effects on both your blood pressure and heart health. Another study also established that passive heat treatment can help lower the risk of stroke and death. This is particularly among people who are unable to exercise. Thus, you can enhance your cardiovascular health by changing your bathtub to a jacuzzi.

    6. Enhanced insulin sensitivity

    Regular thermal treatment, such as saunas or hot baths, has been proven to improve decreased insulin sensitivity and be advantageous for diabetes management. Sauna and hot tub therapy is also beneficial to persons living with obesity and diabetes.

    7. Burning calories

    Research has also established that people who spent an hour soaking in a waist-high hot bath burn roughly the same amount of calories as a person taking a 30-minute walk. This is not to say that you should replace exercising with a jacuzzi. But an hour spent in a jacuzzi can enhance metabolism especially for individuals who find it difficult to exercise.

    How to Change a Bathtub to a Jacuzzi

    1. Cover the overflow hole

    To convert your bathtub to a jacuzzi, start by acquiring an overflow hole cover. This is the metal that is located just below the bathtub faucet that drains the bath when it’s excessively full while savoring the pleasure of a hot bath.

    This adds a few more inches to the water level. Subsequently, a larger part of your body will be covered with water. Besides, doing this adds more bliss to the whole experience. While adding water, make sure to leave enough space between the waterline and the edge of the tub. This prevents the occurrence of a messy overflow while taking a bath.

    2. Get submersible LED lights

    Without some amazing submersible lights, a jacuzzi experience is never complete, and the more colors you can employ, the better. Submersible color-changing LED lights are very exciting. They have a controller that enables users to create ambiance lighting for their experience. Place a couple of them in the tub for a full spa experience.

    If LED lights aren’t your thing, you can go with the more conventional technique of floating candles. But be careful not to get burned.

    3. Get a hot tub bath mat

    Buy a mobile hot tub bath mat with in-built heating pads and bubble-making nozzles. Bath mats help to enhance your jacuzzi experience. They offer a great way to relax in the tub whilst getting a massage. You’re more than half the way to a hot tub bliss with this handy device.

    Before settling on a model, be sure the power cord reaches your extension cable or wall outlet. Hanging your extension cord over the rim of the bathtub is not a smart idea. Avoid it at all costs.

    4. Get a portable jet spa

    You may be surprised to learn that you can purchase a portable jet spa or even a handful of them. These suction-mounted electric gadgets cling to the edge of your bathtub. When using a jet spa, you need to take it out every time you get out of the tub. Otherwise, if the next showering individual doesn’t see it, they risk ruining the jet spa by soaking it.

    Once you do all these, get ready to test your new Jacuzzi.

    After stepping out of your warm and pleasant jacuzzi onto a frigid tile floor, you will feel some unpleasant effects. So get some plush floor rugs, a heated rug underlay, or even hot towel rails. This will undoubtedly crown your jacuzzi experience of warmth, comfort, and ecstasy.

    Changing your bathtub to a jacuzzi saves you money and allows you to have a completely new bathing experience. Be cautious while handling electrical cables to avoid electrocution, which can be fatal.