Custom Bathroom Vanities in Miami-Dade & Broward

    Construction is a very personal process. Unless the same people design projects for similar purposes, mainly for sale or rent, most houses are customized in their unique way. It isn’t easy to find homes with similar components even though they have a similar layout. One of the most customizable parts of a house is the bathroom. There are thousands of ways people can customize their bathrooms to fit their tastes and interests. Although it is easy to customize a bathroom, several parts of the bathroom require more attention than the rest, one of them being the vanity.

    Parts of a vanity

    The first thing a person should consider is the different parts of a vanity that can be customized. Knowing the various options you person has can help them make better decisions when customizing their vanity. The first part and one of the most important parts of vanity is the sink. The sink is the main reason for customization. This is the case because most of the customization is due to people customizing the sink and the parts below the sink supporting it.

    The second part is the faucet. Although this is one of the most customizable parts in vanity, it is not the most visible part unless unique faucets are huge or have appealing material and texture. Other parts in a vanity include a countertop, mirrors, built-in shelves, lights, and tissue holders if the vanity is next to a toilet.

    Types of vanities

    The second thing that people should be informed about is the different vanities that exist. Six main types of vanities have been developed over the years, but people’s ingenuity has helped them combine two or more of these to customize their vanities. The six vanities include;

    1. Pedestal vanities are vanities with only the sink and faucet but no countertop. This is mainly done to be budget-friendly or in minimalist designs.
    2. Free-standing, a free-standing vanity is where a square or rectangular-shaped platform is used to support the sink basin.
    3. Floating, a floating vanity, is where the entire vanity is mounted to the wall, including the countertop and or cabinets. The name floating is due to the illusion that the vanity is floating about the floor.
    4. Vessel vanity, a vessel countertop is where a bowl meant to be the sink is placed over the countertop as a decorative piece.
    5. Under-mounted, under-mounted vanities are designed to have the sink under the countertop.
    6. Cabinet, cabinet vanities are meant to provide extra storage in the bathroom.


    The following five steps should be followed when customizing a vanity to ensure that the vanity design is completed as per the customers’ requirements. The first step is designing the layout. The layout includes choosing the position the vanity will be placed. The second thing that should be addressed is the number of sinks placed on the vanity. Knowing this helps with measurements. The third step is choosing the style or combination of styles to be used. Designing or choosing the type of sink and countertop is the next step. The last step is deciding the fixtures to be used, including the faucet, mirror, and lights. All that is left is to assemble the vanity.


    There are four main benefits to customizing your vanity. The main advantage and reason are to have a personalized bathroom that you love. People should be comfortable in any part of their house. The second advantage is that people have a bathroom vanity perfect for their space. When people design and include cabinets in their designs, they get extra space for storage if space is limited in the house. The fourth advantage is that people increase the value of their bathroom and the entire house if they want to sell or rent out the house.


    To sum things up, bathrooms might be the smallest rooms in the house, but they are the most customizable after kitchens. One part of the bathroom that can be customized is the vanity. Six main types of vanities have been designed, but people have the freedom to combine two or more of the six designs to customize their vanity. The many advantages of customizing a vanity, but the main one is that people can design a unique bathroom that fits their personality and space available, improves their comfort, and increases their house’s value.