Bathroom remodeling - P.L.A.N

Over the years we have come up with a short acronym to help you to remember what you want in your bathroom. This part should not only be easy but fun too. Using this P.L.A.N. method you can get a better look at what is available to go into your dream bathroom but it will also give you an idea of what kind of budget you will need for our next section coming up.

Our experience has been prior proper planning prevents problems.

Bathroom Remodeling Miami – Behind the Walls

You may think your bathroom just needs a few new fixtures and all will be fine. From our experience with remodeling that’s not always the case. Most of the time, once you remove the cabinets, vanity, the commode, and the tub or shower, little things begins to appear such as;
All these factors add up to problems behind the wall. It is a very rare thing to prepare a bathroom for new fixtures without having to gut the room to the studs and fix problems that have been covered up and ignored for years.

Remember at the start we stated, “The bath is the most risky room in your home for leaks, moisture, mold and poor ventilation.”Once all the tile and drywall is down this is where we can inspect for old wiring, and out of code plumbing and electrical. Not to mention any structural issues that might rear its ugly head. It is very important to have any issues fixed, brought up to code and most cases exceeding code especially with the venting.

Budgeting your bathroom renovation

By now you probably have realized that you may not have enough money for all the upgraded amenities you want in your dream bathroom. That’s okay, remember the last part of the P.L.A.N. is to necessitate. Here is a cold hard fact about bathroom remodeling in Miami, for the average bath remodel can cost from $20,000, up to $100,000 depending on the features you want installed and the size of the room.
Let’s say that you have a home with four bedrooms and two baths. This is a common size home today. Your kids have all left home leaving you as empty nesters. Now you want to turn one of the bedrooms into a bathroom. This is a great workable idea. One in which will increase your home’s value and comfort. In a room that size you can have a custom shower with no curtains or doors and a steam feature to boot. You can place a luxury soaker tub in the middle of the room for true center piece. If your budget can afford it, you’re room can have heated floors, custom cabinetry along with a double sinks. This way you and your significant other can get ready at the same time and have the room you need.

The point is that there are many new things on the market today that can be added into a large space or even a small space. But is your room ready for these kinds of features? Let’s talk about some of the common problems behind the walls in most homes.