Replacing Bathtubs in Miami-Dade and Broward

    Growing tired of your bath area? Is your tub old? Worn out? Is your bathtub tile hard to clean and maintain? Do you dread taking a bath?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are at the right place and consider this your bathtub replacement guide.

    How do you replace an existing bathtub?  It’s not easy. You will need to open up all three walls around the tub and remove the fasteners stations the tub in place. 

       If you have a small bathroom then you may need to remove the fixtures such as your toilet, sink and cabinets. For this type of task you should hire a professional. 

    In the next section we will get into more detail. 

        That’s where we come in. We are your Miami area bathtub replacement specialist and this is your guide to replacing bathtubs Miami. 

    7 Steps to removing a bathtub

       Replacing a bathtub is simple in theory, yet time consuming. It seems that once you start removing things to get your tub out, more needs to be removed. These steps are the same even if you are replacing a shower with a bathtub. 

    1. Start by turning off your water to the house .
    2. You need to start by removing any trim around the tub. This includes removing tub spouts handles along with any other trim and don’t forget the shower head too.  
    3. Next you need to cut all the caulking from around the walls and floor. 
    4. Now you will need to remove any tile from the walls. 
    5. This would be a good time to disconnect the drain line from your tub. 
    6. This next step you will need to remove the front, back and side walls from the studs. The reason for this is if you don’t you will not be able to lift the tub from its position and may cause damage to wall you doesn’t want to replace. 
    7. The last step all you have to do is start removing any screw or nails holding the tub against the wall. Once that is complete you are ready to remove the tub. If you have a standard contractor fiberglass tub you can start cutting it up in order to remove it in smaller pieces. 

    5 Tips to bathtub replacement

    Now in order to install a replacement tub, you just need to reverse the steps above. Here are 5 tips to think about before installing your new tub. 

    1. Measure your tub socket making sure the replacement tub is the right size. If it is a little longer as in most cases with older homes, you will need to extend the wall in order to make more room. This is particularly true if you are replacing your bathtub with a whirlpool tub. Forget about the five foot tub, they aren’t long enough for most people to lie back and relax in.  This means you will have to bump out into an existing room. 
    2. Check all your plumbing.  Make sure there isn’t any sign of leakage from water lines, mixer valve and drains. If there is you may need to call a plumber.
    3. Check all three wall studs for breakage, cracks, mold, and rot. 
    4. Do the same with your subfloors also check for soft spots. 
    5. If the front wall, which is the biggest wall is an outside wall, check the insulation making sure there are no water marks on the paper. If so you may need to replace your insulation. 

    Replacing bathtubs Miami, you will need to get a permit from the county before removing any wall board around your tub and have the county inspector inspect your replacement bathtub area before you can cover the walls and finish. 

    Replacing bathtub valve assembly from A to Z

        Replacing bathtubs you should replace the mixing valve as well. It only makes sense to do so, you will be covering it up with concrete board and there it will be mostly hidden behind a wall for several years. 

    Here is how to replace your bathtub faucet: 

    1. Turn water off to the house…
    2. Open your faucet in the bathroom…
    3. Go outside and open your garden spigot attached to the house. This will bleed all the water out of the water lines.
    4. Next you are ready to cut the water lines both hot and cold that feeds into you faucet…
    5. Detach the old mixer valve…
    6. Prep the new mixing valve by soldering, gluing, crimping or pressing fitting onto your new valve for the tub faucet and shower head if you have one. 
    7. Strap the valve to the existing bracket your old valve was attached too.
    8. Reconnect the hot and cold water lines

    If you are not familiar with plumbing we highly recommend hiring one.  

    How much does it cost to remove and replacing bathtub

        Replacing bathtubs Miami, is a nice way to get a fresh new look into your private space but the cost can add up, especially if you are doing it yourself. 

       The National average cost of replacing bathtubs is $4, 500. 

         While the National average is $4,500, the price can skyrocket depending on the materials you have chosen and the repair and replacement cost at the time. It is always best to leave bathtub replacements to the experts. 

         This will save you time, headaches and many disappointments. 

         When it comes to replacing a tub most homeowners fail at DIY. The reason is simple; they lack the proper knowledge of how to replace plumbing, electrical and carpentry in order to bring it up to code. 

        It is also why it could cost the home owner 2/3 more than hiring a contractor to replace your old bathtub in the first place.  

    Replacing bathtubs: Related Questions

    • Can I replace my bathtub myself? You can, but we recommend hiring a contractor. If you want to do anything yourself, you could save $1,000 by demoing the bathtub socket for the contractor. 
    • How much does it cost for a tub insert?  The cost for a tub insert on average between $1,600 to $2,000 and more. We don’t recommend installing a tub insert at all. They aren’t that reliable and tend to fail within 5 years. 

        If you are just researching the best option between replacements or making your tub look new again we highly recommend reading about our bathtub refinishing here.