Shower Remodeling in Miami-Dade and Broward

    The hot humid summers in South Florida, can be more aggressive than a hungry gator at lunch time, which force many people to run back inside. During these times, it is not uncommon to hear of friends and family, which take more than one cool shower a day. As the years go by, that once new and shiny shower in your bathroom becomes dull and boring. If your bathtub has you singing the blues then you are in the right place at the right time. 

        Our shower remodeling contractors in Miami Florida, are professional and punctual. 

    What is shower remodeling?

        Shower remodeling is the process of removing your old shower and replacing it with a new one. The concept is simple but the execution a little harder. It takes a lot of muscle and even more coordination to organize and manage the whole process from start to finish. 

        If you live and want a total shower remodeling Miami, here is the process in a nut shell. 

        Before anything gets going our contractor will need to know:

    1. If you are planning on making any changes to the square footage of your shower area. 
    2. The type of wall finish that will suit your needs and budget
    3. Extra features that you don’t already have but would love to have such as body sprays and over head rain showers, radiant floor heat or even wall or overhead infrared heat lamps. 
    4. The type of shower you want such as built in or pre molded, solid surface types such as cultured marble (is the trend many homeowners are leading toward today.)
    5. Handy cap accessibility such as a level entry shower. 

    The reason for all the questions are our contractor will have to know your budget and give you options within that budget in order show you shower remodeling images that fit the budget.

      Once the budget is established and all the finishes chosen the next step is to get the permits needed for the changes. This will require three different permits and that means three different inspections before any finishing is to enclose your showers studs. 

      The contractor will have to figure out and schedule any sub contractors such as drywall, electrical, tile, and plumbing.  These are tight schedules because most contractors can and should be able to remodel your shower within a week.

        Shower Remodel Process

         The shower remodeling Miami process is really no different from a full bathroom remodel, just in a smaller area. 

    1. Demolition: Must first begin before anything else can be determined. This means cutting out the wall just around the shower area and possibly the ceiling. 
    2. Inspection: Our contractors will inspect the plumbing, any electrical and more importantly the structure of the floor and studs. 
    3. Repair and replacement: At this point anything structural that needs to be repaired or replaced will be taken care of. 
    4. Electrical and plumbing: After the walls and floors are repaired or replaced, it is time for the mechanical specialist. These sub-contractors will replace, install and add any new amenities such as steam features, body sprays, specialty heating or lighting.  
    5. County Inspection: Upon competition of everything that goes behind the walls the county inspectors will make sure everything that is behind the wall and shower stall remodeling is up to code before allowing the cover up for the finishes that will make your bathroom a dream escape. 
    6. Wall: The finishing process begins with any drywall or concrete board to be placed on the studs making up the shower wall. Once this step is finished then the hard finishes can be installed such as acrylic surrounds, cultured stone, or Tiling. 
    7. Finish Trim: This will include any finish carpentry, plumbing, and electrical coverings. Also, any handicap accessories such as grab bars. Let’s not forget the shower stall door if your shower is not a level entry. 


    During this the basic 7 step process of a shower remodel, most homeowners will have a second or third bathroom that will become a temporary shower while remodeling is taking place.  

    How much does it cost to remodel a shower?

        Most of the shower remodeling cost will be determined by these factors:

    1. The size of your existing shower
    2. If you are enlarging or decreasing the size of the shower area
    3. The material quality to be used for the new shower
    4. Moving any plumbing or adding new electrical
    5. Repairs to bring the area up to code
    6. Permits, labor cost, debris removal, etc.

        There isn’t any one time cost for shower remodeling. All these factors and more will eat at any budget significantly. However, we can go by averages and estimate that a shower remodel can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,500 or more. This is shower remodeling Miami.